Content - Working basis of the AVR

Working basis of the AVR

The work of the AVR is based on:

  • the Agreement on Principles with management
    -> printed copies are available from the secretariat
  • the 1993 Co-determination Act3 with all valid amendments

Duties of the Auditing Committee

Auditing the annual accounts

Preparing an audit report for the AVR Annual General Meetin

Duties of the Advisory Board

Overseeing the Committee's conduct of business and its safeguarding of the inter-ests of the AVR pursuant to its Articles of Association and the resolutions of the General Meeting

Acting as impartial arbitrator (ombudsman) in the event of grievances by providing advice and mediation

Preparing a report for the AVR General Meeting

Auditors1 and members of the Advisory Board2

werden an der Generalversammlung des AVR für die Dauer von 2 Jahren gewählt.