Content - Financial counselling

Financial advice for Roche employees

Financial advice for employees resident in Switzerland (especially newcomers) and Germany (cross-border commuters) on subjects such as:

  • how to optimise their tax situation, taking full advantage of tax relief/withholding tax
  • the taxation of second and third pillar pension assets
  • financial investments and wealth accumulation / strategic asset planning
  • financing property
  • German/Swiss bilateral matters: pension schemes, health insurance companies, wealth accumulation, taxation

is available from ACADEMIX Consult AG, one of whose offices in at Schützenmattstrasse 39A in Basel.

Contact Frank Windhövel at

  • phone: +41 (0)61 465 52 42
  • fax: +41 (0)61 465 52 49
  • email: or

ACADEMIX Consult AG is an independent financial adviser specialising in pensions, asset management and taxation in Switzerland. As a financial services provider, ACADEMIX has the comprehensive expertise required to devise individual strategies enabling employees in Switzerland to make effective provision for their professional and personal future. For further information, visit the company's website at

ACADEMIX has put together a special advice package for people who work in Switzerland but live in Germany. Roche employees enjoy a 25% reduction on the fees charged for personal advice and preparing strategies that will enable them to make effective provision for their professional and personal future.

Visit the section headed "Information for cross-border commuters" for a wealth of additional advice.