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AVR partner event: Fascinating vintage cars and a pinch of humour

Between 1900 and 1910 there were more electric vehicles than petrol-engined vehicles. The petrol engine only achieved its breakthrough thanks to the invention of the electric starter, whereupon electric vehicles were laughed off as a "footnote of history". The Board of the Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) and its guests learned this and much more on a tour of "Pantheon Basel" in Muttenz on 6 September. They not only viewed the Swiss Museum of Transport's current special exhibition, "Unter Strom", but also enjoyed the regular exhibition consisting of vintage cars owned by the museum and others belonging to private owners – an unusual concept that displays collectors' pieces which would otherwise be hidden away from the wider public.

The barbecue party was an opportunity for the AVR to thank all the partners on whose cooperation it relies in its day-to-day work. In an informal atmosphere, the AVR Board, led by President Adnan Tanglay, welcomed members of the Roche Works Council plus staff from the Discount Office, Address Management (HR Service Center) and Language Services. This year, 26 people took part in the barbecue party, which was organised by Stephanie Agius and Arel Su.

After the Pantheon tour, guests were treated to barbecued delicacies from Brüderli Gastronomie and colourful seasonal salads. Before dessert was served, a strange man with a Hamburg accent suddenly appeared and surprised the audience with stories and magic tricks. He was a comedian from United Nonsense, who even surprised himself in one instance: having already mistaken somebody else for the AVR President, he eventually came across Adnan Tanglay and was lost for words for a split second, providing probably the largest laugh of the evening.

Sabine Knosala