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Bike-to-work 2018: we pedalled around the earth five times!

Roche took part in Bike-to-work again this year: the aim was to travel to work by bike for at least 50% of the working days in June. Employees were also allowed to use public transport for part of the trip. One member of each team was permitted to travel to work without using a bike but still using their own muscle power (e.g. by walking or taking the mini-scooter).

850 employees in 218 teams from Basel/Kaiseraugst/Reinach took part in this year's Bike-to-work. In doing so, they covered 207,221 kilometres in June and avoided 29,840 kilograms of CO2 emissions. On average, Roche employees used the bike on 91% of their working days. This is an excellent result!

When it came to team names, the creativity of the participants shone through once again. We had names such as "Diie hinterem Bäsewage", "Die letzten Helden", "Bikomics", "Health Angels", "ZU FAUL ZUM LAUFEN", "Wir schaffen das!", "Red Hot Chilli Riders", "Huddle Biker", "Speedy Gonzales", "The Rolling Bones" and "Auch namenlos grandios".

The support campaign was a photo competition, for which participants had to submit original, cool team photos and selfies. The "Stiftung Wadentest" team won first prize, with "Cyclokokken" a close second.

As a small thank-you, all of the participants were invited to the Bike-to-work party and the Roche Table Football Super Finals on 14 June.

Rolf Baumgartner