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2018 site representative elections: candidates wanted!

The AVR is looking for new candidates for the coming two-year period of office to stand alongside serving AVR site representatives. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

What does an AVR site representative do?

AVR site representatives liaise with employees, particularly those in their own area of work, and with pensioners. It is essential for them to have a feeling for employees' concerns and interests so that these can be discussed in depth at Committee meetings. Site representatives can also be assigned to different committees in which they represent employees' interests towards the employer. Other activities – in commercial areas or working groups, for example – require both creativity and organisational skills. The most important task is advising colleagues on questions and problems relating to all aspects of the working environment, and on restructuring processes.

What factors are relevant?

AVR site representatives should possess high-level social and language skills, as internal meetings are held in German but those with management representatives are often conducted in English. Activities on behalf of the AVR may take place during normal working hours, and they can easily take up between 10 and 15% of representatives' time. It is therefore advisable to discuss your candidature with your line manager before standing.

Benefits of active involvement

Active involvement in the AVR helps site representatives to expand their own networks, with contacts in a variety of fields and at various levels of management. It affords insights into internal processes, and offers the opportunity to take an active role in shaping working conditions.

AVR site representatives’ line managers generally welcome their involvement, because representatives are well networked and addressing certain problems at an early stage can often prevent them from escalating. Management greatly appreciates active involvement in the AVR Committee, and supports the activities of employees from the most diverse areas and functions. See below for the comments of our Head of HR Bruno Weissen.

For further information on the AVR and the activities of its Committee, come to our information event on Monday, 15 October 2018 at 4 p.m. in Building 52/616.

Sabine Knosala


Bruno Weissen, Head of Human Resources Basel/Kaiseraugst, on the significance of the AVR elections:

As preparations start for the AVR elections, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Roche Employees’ Association. Since the beginning of 1950, the AVR has been a strong and well respected employee representative body for employees with individual contracts of employment. It is this vital in-house social partnership which makes a significant contribution to Roche's long-term success.

The next AVR elections are being held at the end of the year. They enable the elected representatives to find out the concerns of the company's employees at first hand, and to play an active role in shaping the working environment at Roche. Their tasks are both varied and demanding. The AVR representatives therefore receive a thorough introduction to their responsible duty, attend special training courses, and get involved in key projects at the Basel/Kaiseraugst, Reinach and Schlieren sites.

The elected employee representatives work on a voluntary basis. They continue to perform their usual job in the company and dedicate a small part of their working time to their AVR duties. Their proximity to their colleagues means they can deal with problems and challenges in a straightforward, targeted manner. By supporting the AVR representatives, line managers make a significant contribution to this positive social partnership and thus to our company's success.

Together we ensure that Roche remains an attractive, competitive employer and that any changes and challenges are implemented so as to ensure the best conditions for all employees and for Roche as a whole. The management greatly values and supports the constructive cooperation with the AVR that we cultivate in Basel.

We wish the AVR continued success for the future, and hope to see some good candidates in the upcoming elections!