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Samba vibes with the AVR

The popularity of the traditional AVR Party marking the start of the year was once again evident, with tickets selling out before the end of 2017. The AVR Party is the only large internal company event at the site to which staff can bring a guest of their choosing – an opportunity greatly appreciated by both sides.

Guests entered Building 67 via a red carpet and were welcomed in the foyer with a refreshing drinks reception. What's more, they were met on the steps by the delightful dancers of the Samba Brasil group, who posed for photos on request – a rare opportunity which many guests visibly enjoyed. The next part of the evening was held in the festively decorated halls of the La Scala restaurant. Guests could choose between the northern wing, which featured a DJ on the dance floor, and the southern wing, where music was provided by a live band behind the dance floor. Both halls were well occupied.

At the start of the dance programme, a young professional dance couple delighted the audience with a masterful performance in the Latin American style. This was followed by a powerful show by the Brazilian dancers. Dressed in impressive feather costumes, they created such a lively atmosphere that guests were soon lured onto the dance floor.

It wasn’t just the dancing and musical programme which had a Brazilian feel, however: the multi-course culinary offering put on by Tavero was also packed with delicious Brazilian specialities.

The AVR greatly values such social events and the opportunity for personal interaction they provide. It would therefore like to thank all participating members and their companions for the fantastic evening.

Special thanks from the full AVR Board go to Mr Jürg Erismann, Head of the Basel/Kaiseraugst Site, Mr Bruno Weissen, Head of HR in Basel/Kaiseraugst, and Dr Urs Jaisli, Chief Compliance Officer, both for the financial support and for their personal participation together with their spouses.