2020 site representative elections: the new Committee has been chosen

The members of the Roche Employees' Association (AVR) were able to vote for their new site representatives – and the retired members for their retiree representative – until the end of November.

The average turnout stood at around 38 percent, a similar figure to two years ago. Meanwhile, at Roche Pharma Switzerland, the turnout amounted to almost 60%. Active members were able to place their votes electronically and retired members voted by ballot. This year, the representatives also included a Diabetes Care committee member for the very first time, acknowledging the increasing importance of this field.

Nine existing and 11 new candidates stood for election. Six new site representatives were elected – a relatively high number, due to several AVR committee members stepping down from their positions.

This year, candidates were automatically elected to positions in Basel, Schlieren and the newly added Diabetes Care, with four candidates standing for five positions in Basel and one candidate standing for one position each in Diabetes Care and in Schlieren.

When asked about the main reasons why they were standing for election, candidates stated that they wanted to work on behalf of employees and play an active part in reorganisation processes, salary negotiations and working groups.

All current site representatives were re-elected. New faces were appointed to four seats in Basel, one seat in Kaiseraugst and one seat in the new addition of Diabetes Care.

The first virtual meeting of the newly constituted committee took place on 7 December.

You can find the detailed election results via the following link.

written by Susanne Pommerening, AVR Assistant