All aboard with the AVR

The traditional but much-postponed AVR Party, which was scheduled for 2020 to mark the AVR's 70th anniversary, has now finally been held. The motto for the party was "Schiff ahoi". A varied choice of music by the DJ Fix, famous for its Ü30 parties, set the right tone for a dance and made for a real party atmosphere throughout the evening on the two riverboats, “Rhystärn” and “Christoph Merian”. Passengers were treated to an exquisite buffet prepared by chef de cuisine Benjamin Ciolek and his team.

The fact that over half of the tickets sold out straight after the first round of sales attests to the popularity of the traditional AVR Party, which is the only large in-house corporate event to which AVR members can also invite a guest of their choosing. Staff and guests alike greatly appreciated this opportunity to immerse themselves in a different world.

Having been received by the mermaids and the captain, guests were invited to a refreshing aperitif. They were then free to roam around the two boats or settle on the sundeck, and could enjoyed the succession of culinary specialities while in the mellow summer night. The divine dessert medley deserves a special mention!

And of course let's not forget the magician Anthony Meisburger, who with great charm, performed some amazing tricks right in front of the baffled guests. A "Fotobox" was available so that guests could print a delightful photo souvenir. The guests also received a little gift to take home with them.

All the members of the AVR committee send their special thanks to Jürg Erismann, Head of Pharma Site Basel, and Bruno Weissen, Country Catalyst, as the event could not have gone ahead in this form without their support.

Written by Nicole Drexler, AVR Assistant

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