AVR welcomes equal opportunities

This year once again, Roche proactively participated in the equal pay dialogue initiated by the federal government. Between July and November, salaries at the Basel/Kaiseraugst, Schlieren and Rotkreuz sites were examined. The Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) and the Roche Works Council (AKR) also took part. “The two employee representative organisations ensure that the process is implemented correctly. They analyse discrepancies and confirm the accuracy of the results,” explains AVR President Adnan Tanglay. The AVR was responsible for the area of individual employment contracts (EAV), and the AKR for the collective bargaining agreement (GAV). Urs Suter, an independent external expert from the Study Centre for Economic Projects (CEPEC), assisted with the equal pay analysis.

First, the method used for making a comparison was established. Next, the external expert was brought in and internal focus groups were formed, made up of representatives from Total Rewards Basel/Kaiseraugst and Diagnostics, HR Reporting & Analytics, Diversity & Inclusion, the AVR and the AKR. The actual project phase consisted of data preparation, analysis, interpretation and consolidation of the results.

“At Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst, Schlieren and Rotkreuz, there is full compliance with the principle of equal pay between women and men,” says Urs Suter, summarising the findings. Adnan Tanglay comments: “As President of the AVR, I am very pleased that the proactive participation of Roche in the equal pay dialogue initiated by the federal government has once again yielded extremely positive results.”

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