A patient can be a Roche employee and any Roche employee can be a patient

"Family members, even if they know, aren't able to understand your situation to the fullest extent. With CareRing it's easier. You fell less alone." - Markus, a member of CareRing

Did you know that ~18%1 of the Swiss population are affected by mental health issues? Or that in Switzerland we have 43’5002 new cancer cases per year? And did you know that through CareRing you can connect with over 1000 Roche colleagues worldwide who are living or caring for someone with mental health issues, cancer or other conditions?

CareRing is Roche’s special place for our own patients and caregivers. It is a private social media based community, a trusted place allowing our own patients and caregivers to connect with others who are in the same situation and share their personal stories. Everyone at Roche who is a patient or caregiver can join - regardless of the medical condition(s) or disabilities.
When someone receives a diagnosis or deals with a special condition, this person often becomes an involuntary expert in that field. CareRing offers many (completely voluntary) opportunities to get involved in disease areas that are personally relevant through projects and co-creation activities. Business functions on the other hand are better able to understand the unmet needs of people directly affected by a condition and can adapt these insights to design their research and ensure the best possible patient outcome.

CareRing is a safe place where members of the community can remain anonymous by creating a personal avatar name. Only with this chosen name one will be visible to others and whether someone wishes to participate in a project is, as mentioned above, completely optional.

Currently the community counts more than 1000 members in over 60 countries.

Finally, a “call to action” for all of you: have CareRing on your mind but mostly in your heart. If you are not affected by a medical condition but you wish to support us: have a look at our Ambassador program. If you are a patient or caregiver yourself you might want to become part of the community. The main thing to remember is: everyone is or will be a patient or caregiver one day but whatever it might be, you are not alone!

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about CareRing? Please be invited to join our CareRing introduction session HERE


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