Generation 50plus: first survey results

A total of 620 Roche employees have taken part in the online survey by the 50plus working group of the Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) and the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) networks’ Cross-Generations working group since the end of last year. The goal was to find out what employees’ wishes are in terms of work and support – particularly from those over the age of 50. “We are delighted with the high number of responses and valuable suggestions,” says Simone Meier from the AVR working group. The feedback came from both sites in Basel and Kaiseraugst and all age groups were represented, with the majority being 37 years or older.

Some initial insights can already be gained from the responses:

  • Flexible working is of great interest among all age groups but whether it can be implemented or not depends heavily on line management.
  • Among the 53+ age group, there is an interest in continued employment past the statutory retirement age up to the age of 70 or in being involved in individual projects after retirement.
  • All age groups would like to have a better understanding of the career opportunities within Roche.
  • A need for knowledge transfer was identified. Many suggestions were made for improvements in this regard.
  • Sixty-five percent of respondents feel that they understand what professional skill sets will be needed in the future. Among line managers, this percentage is even higher.
  • By contrast, more support is required for colleagues to better understand and adapt to an Agile working environment.

The 50plus and Cross-Generations working groups are now analysing the survey results in detail and developing recommendations for the company on the basis of them.