Interview with new site representative – Alain Bindels

Alain Bindels, 37 years old, lives in France with his wife and has worked for Roche for over 12 years. He grew up in the Netherlands and studied biomedical science, completing his Master's in science and research in Amsterdam. For his second course of studies in the area of management & innovation, Alain moved to France to complete his second Master's at the business school.

Alain, you joined the AVR one and a half months ago – how is everything going?
Alain Bindels:
At the moment, I'm still learning. I'm learning a lot about the various areas and initiatives that the AVR is involved in and I'm looking to see the areas in which I can best contribute and provide support. Owing to the current situation, all meetings are taking place virtually, but I'm hopeful that I will be able to meet my AVR colleagues in person soon. I was also very surprised that I was nominated, and see this as a huge opportunity.

Tell us a little about your career at Roche
Alain Bindels: After completing my studies, I worked in PD and focused on Change management and process and vendor management. Being responsible for outsourcing activities in India. I was always managing an innovation community called the Basel innovation Group and moved afterwards to IT to build the Innovation Lab. The focus here was primarily on the mindset and digital subjects. Following that I switched to HR, and since then I've been working in Innovation Facilitation & Digitalization. Among other things, my role includes providing support during transformations, Agile Trainings anzubieten and to offer Innovation acceleration programs for digital projects.

What motivated you to apply to join the AVR?
Alain Bindels: As my main role involves supporting transformations, I have a lot of experience in this area. However, rather than just applying my skills in a function, I would also like to gain a broader perspective, and to contribute and share my previous experiences to help with these transformations. I would also like to support my colleagues with their challenges.

In addition, the Roche culture is a subject very close to my heart. The culture that we have at Roche is unique, and I would like to dedicate myself to the issue of continuing to incorporate this culture into our work at Roche in the future. Roche has strong values and I think that it's important to retain these and embed them in ourselves.

What skills and experiences are you bringing to the AVR?
Alain Bindels: I think that one of my greatest qualities is my empathy and intuition. I'm not only a very good listener, but I also try to build up connections with people to better understand them. As previously mentioned, there is also my main role in supporting transformations, from which I can contribute a great deal of experience. As I grew up in the Netherlands, completed my second course of studies in France and now work at Roche, I understand a great deal about cultural differences and barriers, and I think that I can make great contributions here to simplify this.

Written by Justine Frank, Site Representatives for Kaiseraugst