Interview with Mimoza Lumani, AVR site representative for Basel

I originally trained as a pharmaceuticals assistant and then studied biotechnology. In 2015, I joined Roche as a training manager. Afterwards, I worked at another part of Roche, the former Basel Biotech, in cleaning validation and then as a business process manager.

As a change of perspective, I was given the opportunity to take over the logistics team at Basel Drug Substance and, following the transformation, to act as the Operation Support Lead at Basel Drug Substance in monoclonal antibody production in Building 95 – a position I still occupy today.

In addition to my main activities, I am in the local Diversity & Inclusion Team and in the PTWP (Pharma Technical Women Professionals) network.

What motivated you to become actively involved in the AVR?

I read in the AVR newsletter that anyone interested should contact the AVR. So I got in touch with AVR President Robert Gray and had a personal interview. I have always been interested in the activities that fall within the scope of the AVR, such as performance reviews and all the various events and activities organised by the AVR. Also, I am impressed by the AVR's offering and find it very valuable that all Roche employees can contact the AVR for support with their concerns.

What do you want to achieve at the AVR? What motivates you?

My motivation is being able to support employees with their concerns, questions or conflicts and to counsel them in difficult situations. I also think that the job as an employee representative at the AVR will be an enrichment for me, because I can develop further and get to know new areas at Roche.

In my professional career and in the various companies, positions and roles that I have been in, the social aspect has always been an important element. I also see my task and motivation as being to find out in which departments there are needs or concerns that the AVR can address or where the AVR can support the employees.

I also see my role at the AVR as a counterbalance to the technical environment I occupy in my role as Operation Support Lead.

What skills and experiences do you want to contribute to the AVR?

In my department, I am a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Team. That subject is close to my heart, so I'm happy to contribute my knowledge and experience to the AVR.

In addition, I have a lot of interaction with various interfaces in my main job: I support various departments in my function and act as a sort of hub. That could certainly be a bonus for work at the Roche Employees' Association, as the AVR also often acts as an interface.

I can also contribute my passion for organising events, as the AVR often organises large-scale events such as the AVR Party or the retirees' event.

For my part as the interviewer, I would like to add that Mimoza radiates great empathy, is always cheerful and, with her openness and ability to approach people, will certainly be a great colleague and valuable support for the AVR.

Interview conducted by Sandra Leoni, AVR Site Representative