New Helvetia preferential conditions - Insurance & Pension Check

We are pleased to inform you that we can offer new attractive preferential conditions also for cross-border commuters from Germany. Let us advise you with an insurance check-up.

Below an overview of the new preferential conditions - valid with immediate effect:

  • Household contents: 50% discount on the first invoice, free doubling of the sum insured in the case of simple theft away from home, household contents AllRisk and cyber insurance as well as, reduction of the deductible in the case of simple theft away from home (CHF 100 instead of 200 CHF)
  • Private liability: 50% discount on the first invoice and free inclusion of the supplementary insurance "Driving third-party motor vehicles"
  • Motor vehicle insurance: discount of 10%
  • Life insurance: Free pension check

The following conditions apply to cross-border commuters from Germany:

  • Household contents and personal liability insurance: discount of 10%
  • Motor vehicle insurance: discount of 10%
  • Life insurance: free pension check

Another advantage is the flexibility of the consultations: At your home, your workplace, at Helvetia offices, online or any other location. When you switch to Helvetia, all administrative tasks, such as contact with the previous insurer, cancellation of your policy, etc. are taken over for you.

Insurance Check
Changes are part of life: a new job, a new home, a new phase of life. You should remember to check your insurance and provisions from time to time. Here are a few examples of when you need an insurance check:

  • You have not checked your insurances for a long time
  • Your life situation has changed recently or will change soon
  • You feel unsure whether you are properly insured
  • You want to see what your current insurance situation is like

For a consultation or quote, write us: email hidden; JavaScript is required we will be happy to advice you

For cross-border commuters from Germany
Living in Germany and working in Switzerland. Take advantage of the benefits of the cross-border commuter direct insurance now. As a cross-border commuter in Switzerland, you only benefit from the first two pillars of the Swiss pension system. The 3rd pillar, the tax-subsidised voluntary pension, is only available to employees living in Switzerland.

If you save taxes, you get more pension. It's easy to increase your state-subsidised pension: you pay up to 8% of the income threshold tax-free into a German direct insurance policy each year.

For questions and advice write to: email hidden; JavaScript is required or phone +49(0)776251560