November 2020 salary negotiations

The AVR delegation was well prepared and presented its arguments clearly. In the course of the year, we had assembled a wealth of facts and statements, some of them from the Corporate Executive Committee, in support of our contentions.
These included the challenges of the coronavirus crisis and employees' tremendous commitment this year, despite – and in the midst of – many transformations at the sites. Roche's many successes with new products, sales of which replaced those of expiring patents, naturally came up too. Diagnostics particularly showed its strength this year.

The current environment – the difficulties of the global economy and the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry – also came up, as did the inflationary trend, which is negative at present. Although management was receptive to our arguments, it was not initially possible to reach an agreement.

As usual, an open, honest, yet controversial discussion took place, which was continued in a second round of negotiations. The determination of both sides to reach an eventual agreement was constantly evident, but it took a third meeting – and good will on both sides – to achieve a mutual outcome. Given negative inflation, a total payroll increase of 0.75% in Switzerland as of 1 April 2021 is a pay rise in real terms with which everyone involved can be content.

The AVR is particularly pleased that it was possible to reach an agreement with management even in such a challenging year.

Written by Andreas Winkler, AVR Treasurer