Old age pensions from 1st and 2nd pillar are often overestimated

The pensions from the AHV (OASI/DI) and pension fund usually do not allow you to finance your current standard of living in old age - Helvetia offers you advice on various pension topics such as savings, cover in the event of disability and survivor pension.

With the Helvetia pension check you see if your pension provision is keeping pace with your life. Our experts will be happy to help you. Including a competition.

The 1st pillar (AHV) and pension fund pensions usually only partially cover the cost of living. With the 3rd pillar, you can improve your financial situation in old age.

With the tax-privileged pillar 3a, you have more flexibility than with the pension fund. Unlike with the pension fund, with pillar 3a you can decide for yourself whether you simply leave the money conservatively in a 3a account or invest it using a 3a funds as well as which investment strategy you choose.

With pillar 3a, as an employee with a pension fund, you have a limit of CHF 6'883 on the possible payments per year. Within the pension fund, you can also pay in considerably more per year and deduct this from your taxes. These are all factors in which the two pillars differ. The pension fund and pillar 3a are an ideal combination.

In the best case scanario, you pay the annual maximum amount into pillar 3a and additionally a certain amount into your pension fund.

In the event of death or disability, the benefits from the 1st pillar (AHV/IV) and pension fund only cover part of your financial needs. We will show you whether you have any gaps based on your needs.

By the way do you know the difference between bank 3a saving and with an insurance company? Our experts will be happy to show you what the main differences are.


Of all the pension consultations that take place until 30.4.2022, three will be selected to each receive a CHF 100 voucher, e.g. Coop, Migros, Galaxus.

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