Review – One year of the Addiction Squad

Under the slogan “Raising awareness, Breaking down taboos and Providing information”, the team – which was founded in early 2021 – put a renewed focus on prevention. The subject of addiction and the associated rise in debilitating stress became increasingly relevant with the start of the pandemic.
In May 2021, the Squad launched an information event [DE/EN] on alcohol, consumption of which had demonstrably increased since the introduction of working from home and COVID-19.

Virtual events on cannabis and online addiction, such as social media, computer and shopping addiction, were additional topics that launched lively discussions.

During last year's Live Well week, our campaigns were supported by a range of talks. Dr Andreas Jähne (Oberberg Specialist Clinic, Rhein-Jura Bad Säckingen) gave daily talks on the topic of addiction, how to handle it and possible remedies.

In June, the Addiction section of the Department of Health of Basel-Stadt revisited the sensitive issue of alcohol, followed by presentations on psychoactive substances (neuroenhancement), gambling and gaming.
You can find an overview of all presentations and further information on our Addiction gSite.

To close the campaign, the Squad is now offering a final session on cocaine, a substance that is equally popular in all age groups, whether as a party drug or to improve performance in business (Please note: The Session is only in Germen, but Slides and Q&A will be available in English too).

Written by Isabel Gilde (Company Doctor Rotkreuz)
and Daniela Lavater (pRED Wellbeing Representative Basel).

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