Roland Fumagalli, the new pensioners' representative, in interview

Born in Basel in 1957, Roland Fumagalli lives with his wife in Basel. Their two children have moved out and are independent. The couple have two grandchildren in the Bernese Oberland.

You have only been retired since 1st November 2022. Where did you work before that?

My first job was as a chemical laboratory technician at Sandoz. For 33 years after that and until my retirement, I worked as a nurse. I started at Medical Services in Basel in 1989 and moved to Kaiseraugst in 1999. The field of work was transformed over the years, and I felt that to be an enrichment and an opportunity. The digitalisation of patient records in particular brought enormous advantages. The services provided by Medical Services are not self-evident and are greatly appreciated by all employees.

What prompted you to work for the AVR as a retiree representative?

I was a member of the AVR from the beginning of my professional career at Roche. At the new elections, the long-time retiree representative Beat Hess was no longer available. So as I had just retired, I saw it as an opportunity to actively support the AVR.

What do you want to achieve on the AVR? What motivates you?

I would like to act as a liaison between retirees and the AVR. On the one hand, I would like to be the contact person for retirees with questions, while on the other hand I would like to raise retired people's ideas and concerns at AVR meetings. Through my work I have a large network and am used to dealing with people and listening to their concerns. I look forward to making use of that capability in future and see this as an opportunity to stay in touch with Roche employees.

Interview conducted by Susanne Löffler