Solidarity in the times of Corona

The majority of us have been working from home for two weeks now. Thanks to the Internet and the fantastic support of IT, a lot of things have become possible to ease our home working. However, because of the nature of their job, some people have less work to do than usual, or they have personal preoccupations such as having to look after children, parents or grandparents. Yet still Roche has shown itself so characteristically generous as to keep paying all our salaries for the time being.

The Employees Association is grateful for the generosity shown by the company and has been thinking how employees might do their bit; after all, in the end we're all in this together.

It is precisely this situation that now calls for us employees to show solidarity, which is why the Employees Association is appealing to you all to think about reducing your accumulated overtime now, or taking your holiday days as bridge days, for example for the upcoming Easter period, where possible, and to take any scheduled holiday, even if you can't go away as planned. But of course, please consider business continuity needs and this in agreement with your line manager.

Relaxation and a change of routine are more important than ever at a time which is difficult for us all.

We hope things will return to normal as soon as possible and that together, we as a company will overcome it unscathed.

A huge thank-you to all those who are helping to keep the necessary Site Services running and the supply chain secure for the benefit of patients.

Stay healthy. We are counting on you.

The Executive Committee of the Employees Association (AVR)

Adnan Tanglay, President
Gernot Scharf, Vice President
Andreas Winkler, Treasurer
Robert Gray, Advisory Board member
Rudolf Vorburger, Advisory Board member