The transformation of Building 10: from a workshop environment to the ABW office environment

After the workshop vacated the premises in April 2021, Building 10 started undergoing a transformation. Only three functions continued operating there while the work was in progress: warehouse logistics on the ground floor, the fire brigade on the ground floor and first floor, and Medical Services on the fourth floor. Thank you to everyone for putting up with all the inconvenience the building work caused.

Teams were set up in a co-creation process so that specifications could be drafted in 'user requirement sprints' to provide the basis for the first layouts. That wasn't always straightforward, as the specifications had to meet the requirements of highly diverse user groups.

Once that was done, most of the departments were able to relocate during calendar week 4/22, though COVID restrictions mean that only a few employees will be present for the time being.

Thus Building 10 is home once again to all the SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) functions at the Basel site. The ground floor and first floor accommodate the Roche fire brigade, Compliance and Technical Governance, Emergency & BCM, Sustainability, Security Systems and Services, SHE Coordination and the SHE management, while Employee Health occupies the third floor and Medical Services are on the top floor.

The following are also now located in the building:

The PS Leadership Team (PSLT),

Site Communications PSC,

parts of NOZ, PTDC, Tavero and parts of IT.

Counselling and the Pension Funds will follow in CW 8/22; both will have separate access and segregated areas to ensure privacy.

The refurbished storeys now accommodate some 200 employees in an Activity Based Working (ABW) environment alongside the existing departments.

One highlight is undoubtedly the 2nd floor cafeteria, which is intended as a meeting place for everyone in the building; another of course is the 5th floor roof terrace, which is available to all employees and can also be used for outdoor office work when the weather permits. The artist Edith Oderbolz has added an imaginative touch: a curtain that guides you right through the building.

Thanks go to the project team, above all Dominique Gloor and Sandra Klapper, and to everyone involved in what turned out to be a successful refurbishment!

Written by Susanne Löffler, Site Representative Basel

Bau 10