Urban Gardening - The garden in the industrial area

“Grow, process, distribute food in urban areas”

Urban gardening is all about growing and processing food in an urban environment. The initiative therefore aims to cultivate and harvest crops that can also be eaten on site. Tomatoes, beetroot, fruit and potatoes would find their way to the table mainly via Tavero’s Fine Dining Restaurants. These foodstuffs would be “hyperlocal” and organically produced. All that would be needed to transport them from garden to kitchen is a bicycle trailer. Thus the project meets the consumer demand for local, healthy produce originating in a precise and familiar location.

For us, urban gardening goes far beyond the usual function of a garden.

By creating green spaces, it should also contribute to biodiversity at the site and provide nutrition and habitats for insects and birds. Moreover, rare and special varieties of vegetables will be grown in future. The initiative seeks to familiarise staff and visitors with the nutrient/food cycle, from seed to compost. And perhaps it will inspire some colleagues to try gardening at home as well. The garden is accessible to all employees as a space for relaxing, conversing or even working.

The Urban Garden at Building 11

The first specific Urban Gardening project was realised with the Building 8 / 11 project and is now taking shape between Buildings 10 and 11. The garden consists of five beds for vegetables, berries and herbs plus a trellis for fruit trees. It will also feature a garden shed, a fountain and a compost area. Four groups of urban gardeners from the Ecologicals Community will tend the garden.

We are also looking for other areas that might be suitable for urban gardening. So please contact us via the EcoLogicals Urban Gardening website if you have an idea.

Writen by
Pascal Eicher
Sue Rauss
Dr. Roland Zurbrügg