Election results for the 70th Annual General Meeting of the AVR

The President, Mr Adnan Tanglay, greeted those in attendance and the site representatives, who had dialled in to this special AGM online. He stated his regret that the AGM had to be held without an audience due to the current situation with regard to the coronavirus pandemic and reiterated the reasons for this decision:

At the time of the Executive Committee’s decision, it was not possible to hold the event with an audience due to the extraordinary situation. Although the restrictions had since been eased significantly, the Executive Committee still felt that a regular AGM would not yet be appropriate. Furthermore, many employees are still working from home. Another important factor to consider was the retirees. Since they are in a high-risk group, attending in person could potentially have put them at increased risk.
Of course, the Executive Committee very much hopes that it will be possible to hold next year’s AGM in the usual way.

Active members voted on the agenda items via Google Forms while retirees were able to submit their votes in writing by post. The results were as follows:

Item 1:
Minutes of the 69th AGM on 28 March 2019

The minutes were approved, with 1,765 voting Yes, 10 voting No and 118 abstentions, and thanks were expressed.

Item 6:
Treasurer’s and Auditors’ Reports

The Treasurer’s Report and the Auditors’ Report were both approved, with 1,750 voting Yes, 8 voting No and 140 abstentions, and thanks were expressed.

Setting the membership fee for 2021

The annual membership fee was set at CHF 20 for a further year, with 1,134 voting Yes, 10 voting No and 19 abstentions.

Item 7:

The President, Mr Adnan Tanglay, was re-elected, with 1,811 voting Yes, 26 voting No and 64 abstentions.

The Vice President, Mr Gernot Scharf, was re-elected, with 1,816 voting Yes, 14 voting No and 71 abstentions.

The Treasurer, Mr Andreas Winkler, was re-elected, with 1,821 voting Yes, 9 voting No and 71 abstentions.

Associate Member Mr Robert Gray was re-elected, with 1,805 voting Yes, 14 voting No and 78 abstentions.

Associate Member Mr Rudolf Vorburger was re-elected for a further period of office, with 1,803 voting Yes, 17 voting No and 81 abstentions.

Associate Member Mr Michael Tilly was re-elected, with 1,798 voting Yes, 1 voting No and 87 abstentions.

As a result, all candidates were elected and confirmed for a further period of office.

Item 8:
Proposal submitted by the deadline: introduction of a membership fee for retirees.

The proposal by Mr Walter Stamm was rejected, with 599 voting Yes, 1,069 voting No and 233 abstentions.

Following these historic voting results, which were the highest ever in the last 70 years, the Annual General Meeting was brought to a close without the traditional drinks reception.

Adnan Tanglay
President AVR

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