This year, due to the corona situation, the count took place on a small scale. The picture shown is from2018.

Site Representatives for BASEL

Elected by tacit election:
Dr. Dieterich, Jens-Holger
Handschin, Beat
Dr. Herdtweck, Volker
Löffler, Susanne
Schäublin, Adrian
Welter, Petra
Willmann, Alf

Site Representatives for KAISERAUGST

Eligible voters: 1805
Number of ballot cards sent in: 693
Participation rate: 38.4% Invalid or empty cards: keine

Elected were:
Frank, Justine with 462 votes
Weiss, Stefanie with 401 votes
Strobel, Oliver with 336 votes
Schwarb, Frank with 323 votes

Votes received:
Bindels, Alain: 272
Dr. Felder, Marcel: 255
Merkt, Matthias: 182

Site Representatives for SCHLIEREN

Elected by tacit election:
Dr. Geertsen, Ralf

Site Representatives for RPS (Roche Pharma Schweiz)

Eligible voters: 107
Number of ballot cards sent in: 64
Participation rate: 59.8% Invalid or empty cards: 1

Elected is:
Herr, Marie-Reine with 35 votes

Votes received:
Bosch, Michel: 28

Site Representatives for DIABETES CARE

Elected by tacit election:
Leoni, Sandra

Retiree Representative

Eligible voters: 2131
Number of ballot cards sent in: 823
Participation rate: 38.6% Invalid or empty cards: 17

Elected is:
Hess, Beat with 512 votes

Votes received:
Dr. Christoforidis, Alex: 91
Hoeks, Frans: 203

Basel, November 12th 2020