What changes are in store for on-site amenities?

For this reason, the Roche Shops are closing down their normal operations at the end of 2020 to pave the way for future services at the Basel and Kaiseraugst sites. In Basel, a number of new amenities such as a Coop and a UBS branch will be available to staff as of spring 2021 when the Employee Center opens, in addition to familiar ones such as the post office. Also in spring 2021, Tavero is opening a new store in reception building 211 in Kaiseraugst that will offer a changing assortment of products as well as acquiring a new look from time to time.

Regular shop operations will continue until the end of December 2020. Then in January the shop will be cleared and its stock sold off. The Roche Shops in Basel and Kaiseraugst will finally close their doors on 22 January 2021.

The integrated post office (Roche 4032 Basel 32) will also close with effect from 22 January 2021. However, the post office's range of services will continue to be offered at the Employee Center. Until the new post office opens at the Employee Center, the post office branch at Claragraben 81 (4005 Basel 5 St. Clara) will serve as a nearby alternative. For information about Swiss Post services, e.g. the PickPost and My Post 24 services, please visit www.post.ch.

Tavero guest vouchers can be now ordered directly using the Tavero Tool.

written by Anne Swarowsky