Want to ride along? Here’s how it works

Everyone can join the Bike to Work journey this year no matter where they’re working. The rules say that you can still take part, even if you're working from home. Every bike ride on a day of working from home counts for entering the big prize draw in July. So ride your bike at least once every two days and take part in the Challenge 2021 in May and June. One member per team can take part on foot or with a kick scooter, skateboard, etc. You are also permitted to use a combination of public transport and bike, or bike and car. E-bikes are also permitted.

Sign up via a team captain
Nominate a team captain for your four-person team. The team captain is responsible for signing their team up online at www.biketowork.ch by 30 April 2021 (company name: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd). The team members receive an invitation by email. You'll also receive the most important information via email shortly before, during and after the Bike to Work Challenge. If you are not allocated to a team and would like to take part in the challenge, you can find out whether any teams have free places on the team page under "Teambörse" (team market), which is displayed automatically. You can send a team a request to join in with them.

Just rack up the kilometres
And away you go! From 1 May to 30 June 2021, the kilometres you cover on your bike to work, as well as your own personal bike trips on days when you're working from home, can be entered into the team action calendar. Take advantage of the practicalBike to Work app, which automatically records your kilometres and enters them into the calendar. The entry deadline is 4 July 2021.

Win great prizes!
If you use your bike on at least 50% of your days in the office or working from home, you will be entered into the prize draw automatically, and all teams of four who fulfil the 50% rule can win additional team prizes.

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We are always happy to receive your photos of special Bike to Work moments. Please send them to the AVR Secretariat at "email hidden; JavaScript is required".

The AVR is planning to hold the usual closing ceremony when the Bike to Work Challenge 2021 is over, and will notify participants in good time.

If you have any questions, please email us at "email hidden; JavaScript is required" or call +41 (0)31 318 54 13 (Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–12 p.m. / 1.30–5 p.m.), or contact Adnan Tanglay, Bike to Work coordinator at Roche and AVR President, who will be happy to help.

The AVR hopes to see plenty of cyclists hit the saddle.

Ready, set, go!

Written by Nicole Drexler, AVR Assistant