Profit now from the CSS consultation days at Roche

CSS offers on-site consultations for AVR members

Dear learners - welcome!

On behalf of the AVR, I extend a warm welcome to you in the new academic year. We particularly welcome the new first-year apprentices and hope that you have settled in well.

It’s time to change your health insurer. Save on premiums with the AVR.

It’s September and therefore the perfect time to consider changing your health insurance.

We did it! Bike to Work 2023 was an extraordinary record year

What an extraordinary record year! As published by Pro Velo, 97,616 enthusiastic cyclists from 3,249 companies took part in the Bike to Work Challenge 2023, representing an increase of 21%.

Approval to the latest privacy policy

Dear AVR Member (ONLY valid for AVR members who have not yet responded) Despite our May 2023 reminder email, you have not yet approved the April 3, 2023 Workday Task. Approval of this Workday Task is required to ensure our compliance with the latest privacy regulations.

Roche Employee Association Interview with Loredana Dattilo

I meet Loredana in the cafeteria of Building 2. We want to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and are interested in what our first experiences have been like since we were elected to the AVR Site Representative Board. We start our exchange with a delicious coffee on site.

AVR interview with Isabella Freitag

On a beautiful, sunny Monday morning, I met virtually with Isabella, our new AVR trainee representative. Quite curious, I ask Isabella some questions.

Did you already know that "Roche Basel / Kaiseraugst Toastmasters Club"...

...offers you a supportive and positive learning environment in which you are encouraged to develop your communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth? You will find a safe environment where you can try your hand at ease!

Roche Employee Association Interview with Michael Hofmann

I meet Michael in the cafeteria of Building 2 so we could interview each other. We are both eager to find out how the other spent the weekend and how we have been doing since becoming AVR site representatives. We start our exchange with a very good cup of coffee.

Election Results of the AVR General Assembly 2023

Today the 73rd Annual General Assembly of the AVR took place.