125 Years Roche

The significance of Roche's 125th anniversary cannot be underestimated. In these times of ongoing change and uncertainty, continuity in a corporate philosophy provides stability, trust and confidence.

70 years of the Roche Employees' Association (AVR)

70 years of the Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) – what an occasion, what a success! And the story of the AVR is still far from being over. The Association is more important and more in demand than ever.

Five questions for Reto Buholzer, Vice Chairman of the Pension Fund of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

The Pension Fund of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is celebrating its centenary this year. Looking back, what can it be particularly proud of? The Pension Fund is in good shape and well positioned. I am proud that employee and employer representatives work together as a single unit.

Sustainability at Tavero

Since May 2010, goods from excess supplies and leftover food have been given to the charity "Schweizer Tafel" daily. Schweizer Tafel provides direct, practical support to disadvantaged people and those in need in Switzerland.

Living in times of uncertainties

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or suffering from distress caused by anything like a conflict, anxiety from ongoing transformations, concerns regarding the health of a loved one, the actual pandemic situation?

Stefanie Weiss - another site representative in Basel

I’ve been with Roche since 2003 and have always appreciated the many opportunities for personal development the company offers. I started off as a training manager in Liquids Production in Basel, then moved to Kaiseraugst as part of the start-up team for PKau (Parenterals Kaiseraugst), where I was responsible for implementing a new training scheme.

Diabetes: The global epidemic of the 21st century

Over the last 15 years the number of people living with diabetes has doubled. An alarming trend - and this at a time when medicine has never been so far advanced. How did this happen and how can we at Roche Diabetes Care help make everyday life easier in the best possible way for patients with diabetes?

Long Covid syndrome

Since the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus was discovered at the beginning of 2020, almost 200,000,000 people have been diagnosed with the infection.

D&I: Roche is leveraging every individual's unique powers to change the lives of patients and transform society.

Take a moment to reflect on the type of work environment you feel most comfortable in. When do you feel involved and/or valued?

Bike to work Challenge 2021

This year, 293 Roche employees in 74 teams took part in the Bike to Work initiative. Together, they covered around 122,434 km on their bikes (equivalent to approx. 3.06 times around the world).