More than 30% discount on the FITPASS monthly subscription (for the annual subscription even more than 45% discount)

The advantages:

  • Roche employees and pensioners receive the Fitpass subscription exclusively for CHF 89 instead of CHF 129 and the annual subscription for only CHF 792 instead of CHF 1'548.
  • With the company's own discount code, all employees can register on the Fitpass website and use the discount code to buy the Fitpass.

Only Roche employees may benefit from the discount code and an account may only be created with an official @roche.com address.

Our pensioners are welcome to contact the AVR secretariat at "basel.avr@roche.com" so that we can send the flyer with the Roche discount code directly.
the Roche personnel number should be mentioned in the email.

Tip: The Fitpass subscription can now also be paid with Reka money and, depending on the supplementary health insurance, costs for the subscription can be deducted.