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Results elections of the AVR General Assembly 2024

As you already know, the 74th Annual General Assembly of the AVR took place on April 29, 2024.

Valuable feedback received on our survey: What have we learnt and what are our takeaways?

As many of you know, back in December 2023, we launched a survey together with the “Grättimann” campaign to receive feedback from you. We were delighted with the large number of responses. Thank you very much! Your opinion is of great value to us.

Anniversary dinner – in recognition of long service

Every year, the AVR celebrates the service anniversaries of employees who have been with the company for 25 or 40 years and are members of the AVR. The anniversary dinner is a special event that pays tribute to the commitment, dedication and achievements of our AVR members.

Join the Bike to Work Challenge 2024 and let's conquer the roads together!

In many areas of life, getting plenty of exercise is becoming increasingly important. Biking to work is a built-in daily fitness programme – it's healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is why F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is taking part in the Bike to Work Challenge this year once again. We invite you to cycle to work in May and June and get involved in the Bike to Work Challenge 2024.

Feedback is important to us - please let us know your opinion, ideas or concerns!

Feedback survey In order to continuously improve our work and services and ensure that we are addressing the right issues, we invite you to take part in our short feedback survey.

Start the day with a thank you

Even small gestures can have a big impact. As a sign of appreciation, the Roche Employees' Association (AVR) thanked employees for their commitment.

It's a wrap - Impressions from National Future Day on 9 November

On Thursday, 9 November, Roche was part of the National Future Career Day in Switzerland. More than 600 children from Roche employees have registered for the day to accompany their parents to work in Basel and Kaiseraugst.

Profit now from the CSS consultation days at Roche

CSS offers on-site consultations for AVR members

Dear learners - welcome!

On behalf of the AVR, I extend a warm welcome to you in the new academic year. We particularly welcome the new first-year apprentices and hope that you have settled in well.

It’s time to change your health insurer. Save on premiums with the AVR.

It’s September and therefore the perfect time to consider changing your health insurance.

We did it! Bike to Work 2023 was an extraordinary record year

What an extraordinary record year! As published by Pro Velo, 97,616 enthusiastic cyclists from 3,249 companies took part in the Bike to Work Challenge 2023, representing an increase of 21%.

Approval to the latest privacy policy

Dear AVR Member (ONLY valid for AVR members who have not yet responded) Despite our May 2023 reminder email, you have not yet approved the April 3, 2023 Workday Task. Approval of this Workday Task is required to ensure our compliance with the latest privacy regulations.

Roche Employee Association Interview with Loredana Dattilo

I meet Loredana in the cafeteria of Building 2. We want to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and are interested in what our first experiences have been like since we were elected to the AVR Site Representative Board. We start our exchange with a delicious coffee on site.

AVR interview with Isabella Freitag

On a beautiful, sunny Monday morning, I met virtually with Isabella, our new AVR trainee representative. Quite curious, I ask Isabella some questions.

Did you already know that "Roche Basel / Kaiseraugst Toastmasters Club"...

...offers you a supportive and positive learning environment in which you are encouraged to develop your communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth? You will find a safe environment where you can try your hand at ease!

Roche Employee Association Interview with Michael Hofmann

I meet Michael in the cafeteria of Building 2 so we could interview each other. We are both eager to find out how the other spent the weekend and how we have been doing since becoming AVR site representatives. We start our exchange with a very good cup of coffee.

Election Results of the AVR General Assembly 2023

Today the 73rd Annual General Assembly of the AVR took place.

Nico Stohler, a new AVR site representative in Basel interviewed by Stefan Fritschi

Nico grew up in Hölstein in the upper part of Basel-Land and also completed the compulsory schooling there. After finishing the compulsory schooling, he did a Matura with a special focus on mathematics in Liestal (Basel-Land).

Severin Schwan in conversation with the AVR

After 2 years of virtual meetings, the traditional discussion was able to take place on site again this year. Due to the pending change at the head of Roche, Mr. Severin Schwan was accompanied by his successor Mr. Thomas Schinecker.

Stefan Fritschi, new site representavie in Basel, also introduces himself

Stefan is a classic 3B > born in Basel, grew up in Basel and still lives in Basel (erm, Binningen)

Speaking up is the right thing to do

What do I have to consider in my daily interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers, or patients? How should I behave when I have some non-compliance concerns? Where can I address a potential violation of the Roche Group Code of Conduct such as fraud, harassment, discrimination, or a conflict of interest?

Anniversary dinner 2022

After a 3-year break due to COVID, an anniversary celebration finally took place on 13 January 2023.

Roland Fumagalli, the new pensioners' representative, in interview

Born in Basel in 1957, Roland Fumagalli lives with his wife in Basel. Their two children have moved out and are independent. The couple have two grandchildren in the Bernese Oberland.

Nicole Zimmermann Rihs, a new AVR site representative for Kaiseraugst, introduces herself

I trained as a commercial employee in a hotel in Basel and have worked in various areas of the commercial sector, including in Spain, where I lived for a few years.

Jenny Worgull, another new AVR site representative for Basel

Jenny Worgull, born in 1983, grew up near Freiburg and lives with her husband and two cats in Wehr. Living in a house they renovated themselves, she enjoys having her own garden and the proximity to the Black Forest.

Interview with Mimoza Lumani, AVR site representative for Basel

I originally trained as a pharmaceuticals assistant and then studied biotechnology. In 2015, I joined Roche as a training manager. Afterwards, I worked at another part of Roche, the former Basel Biotech, in cleaning validation and then as a business process manager.

AVR and career – are they compatible?

The next committee elections are due in November 2022 and some of you may have already asked yourself whether it might be something for you. If only it weren’t for this niggling question: if I join the AVR Committee, won't it harm my career?

A patient can be a Roche employee and any Roche employee can be a patient

Did you know that ~18%(1) of the Swiss population are affected by mental health issues? Or that in Switzerland we have 43’500(2) new cancer cases per year? And did you know that through CareRing you can connect with over 1000 Roche colleagues worldwide who are living or caring for someone with mental health issues, cancer or other conditions?

The foundation for a promising career

After our 2022 graduate apprentices received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony on 1 July and have now started out on their career paths, Roche was able to welcome a fresh crop of 88 young talents on 8 August.

New Helvetia preferential conditions - Insurance & Pension Check

We are pleased to inform you that we can offer new attractive preferential conditions also for cross-border commuters from Germany. Let us advise you with an insurance check-up.

All aboard with the AVR

The traditional but much-postponed AVR Party, which was scheduled for 2020 to mark the AVR's 70th anniversary, has now finally been held. The motto for the party was "Schiff ahoi"

How to contact P&C?

Various topics were covered at this year's AVR offsite meeting in May, and one of the takeaways was that Roche employees want to know more about how they can contact P&C.

Catering options in Building 2

From a delicious coffee in the morning to a drink after work − and everything in between. Tavero has come up with some great ideas to keep hunger at bay throughout the day in Building 2.


This new Augmented Reality (AR) Tour is a journey between the digital and the real world that makes art visible in new and innovative ways.

Robert Gray "AVR-President" and Justine Frank "AVR-Vice-President" introduce themselves!

As already informed, the President and the Vice-President were newly elected at the (virtual) General Assembly held in March.

Roche Career Center

The RCC is a tangible example of co-creation in action. Colleagues from different P&C areas as well as employees from Business and AVR/AKR worked together to create a place where employees can explore and shape their work and life journey and take responsibility for their career.

Results elections of the AVR General Assembly 2022

Dear Colleagues As you already know, the 72nd Annual General Assembly of the AVR took place virtually today without the participation of the members.

The transformation of Building 10: from a workshop environment to the ABW office environment

After the workshop vacated the premises in April 2021, Building 10 started undergoing a transformation. Only three functions continued operating there while the work was in progress: warehouse logistics on the ground floor, the fire brigade on the ground floor and first floor, and Medical Services on the fourth floor. Thank you to everyone for putting up with all the inconvenience the building work caused.

Cross-border commuter information – Germany

As every year, the calculation of the Pension Fund's super-mandatory cover is approaching for German cross-border commuters; this has been liable to German taxation since 2016.

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