Agreement at the 2020 salary negotiations

An agreement has once again been reached in this year’s salary negotiations: the AVR and Roche management decided to increase the payroll by 1.15 percent. This is slightly less than last year.

Making sure transformations are socially responsible

Over 20 small or large transformations have taken place at Roche this year or are still underway – more than in any previous year. The AVR is doing everything it can to minimise the impact on those affected.

Flexible working enters pilot phase

A working group with members from the AVR and beyond has developed measures to further promote flexible working at Roche. The aim is to help Roche employees achieve an even better balance between career and personal life. The pilot phase begins in December.

The AVR actively supports Generation Fifty Plus

Employees over 50 account for a significant share of the Roche workforce. But what can be done to further assist this age group? The AVR and D&I networks intend to find out by conducting a survey.

AVR welcomes equal opportunities

At Roche, women and men receive equal pay for equal-value work. This was the finding of the equal pay analysis for the current year. The AVR, which was involved in a supervisory capacity, is very satisfied with the results.

Successful Swisscom roadshows

AVR members can benefit from attractive discounts on Swisscom mobile phone contracts. The autumn roadshows provided a good opportunity to learn more about what’s on offer and to take part in a competition.

A Christmas market for people with disabilities

RocheAbility promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities. Unfortunately, too few Roche employees are aware of this. Consequently, the network holds various events such as a Christmas market to raise awareness – something which is also supported by the AVR.

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Your trust is our commitment.