125 Years Roche

The significance of Roche's 125th anniversary cannot be underestimated. In these times of ongoing change and uncertainty, continuity in a corporate philosophy provides stability, trust and confidence.

70 years of the Roche Employees' Association (AVR)

70 years of the Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) – what an occasion, what a success! And the story of the AVR is still far from being over. The Association is more important and more in demand than ever.

Five questions for Reto Buholzer, Vice Chairman of the Pension Fund of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

The Pension Fund of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is celebrating its centenary this year. Looking back, what can it be particularly proud of? The Pension Fund is in good shape and well positioned. I am proud that employee and employer representatives work together as a single unit.

Sustainability at Tavero

Since May 2010, goods from excess supplies and leftover food have been given to the charity "Schweizer Tafel" daily. Schweizer Tafel provides direct, practical support to disadvantaged people and those in need in Switzerland.

Living in times of uncertainties

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or suffering from distress caused by anything like a conflict, anxiety from ongoing transformations, concerns regarding the health of a loved one, the actual pandemic situation?

Michael Leonard Hahn a new member of site representative

Michael grew up in Aachen where, after leaving school, he studied biology. In 1989, these studies took him to England, where he would spend the next 30 years. For about 14 of those, he was employed by Roche Products Ltd in Welwyn Garden City. In 2018, a mixture of curiosity and Brexit brought him to Basel, where he initially worked in NIBR at Novartis. Subsequently, in summer 2020, he joined PDN – and is very glad about it!

Interview with Sandra Leoni, AVR site representative for Diabetes Care (DC)

Sandra Leoni has been site representative for Diabetes Care in Basel since November 2020, the interview was conducted by Adnan Tanglay, AVR president.

Interview with Dr. Christian Klein

Everyday research at Roche Glycart AG - Dr. Ralf Geertsen, AVR Site Representative Schlieren, in an interview with Dr. Christian Klein, Leader Cancer Immunotherapy, Discovery Oncology

Helvetia Airpods competition

For many people, the home office has become an integral part of everyday working life. To make this time a little more pleasant for you, Helvetia raffled off Airpods among AVR members. All customers who had obtained a quote from Helvetia or even taken out an insurance policy were eligible for the prize draw.

71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

Despite early high hopes of staging the 71st Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the usual live event, the Roche Employees Association Basel (AVR) decided as a precautionary measure to again hold this year's meeting with only a very limited group of attendees.

Election results for the 71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

AVR President Mr Adnan Tanglay welcomed those present as well as the site representatives who joined this virtual General Meeting. He very much regretted that the meeting could not be held in the usual format this year again owing to the current situation.

Adrian Schäublin and Beat Handschin - two additional newcomer in the AVR team

Adrian Schäublin and Beat Handschin are two of the new site representatives joining the existing team in Basel. Susanne Löffler and Petra Welter interviewed them:

News from: Safety, Health & Environment (PSU)

PSU is responsible for providing exemplary solutions with regard to safety, health, the environment and compliance at the site in the interests of our customers, stakeholders and patients.

A well-being toolkit – why do we need it?

The new toolkit is designed to help you prioritise and maintain or improve your own well-being.

People & Culture Transformation

These days, constantly scrutinising business processes is a perfectly natural, everyday thing to do in modern companies. Technological progress and digitalisation now provide us with modern and elegant solutions that previously did not exist.


Exercise, team spirit and fun – that's bike to work In many areas of life, getting plenty of exercise is ever more important. Biking to work is a built-in daily fitness programme – it's healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is why F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is taking part in the Bike to Work Challenge 2021 this year, too.

Interview with Jürg Bühler, proprietor of inicio fitness and Andreas Winkler, former patient and AVR Treasurer

Susanne Löffler, site representative in Basel, conducted the two interviews with Jürg Bühler and Andreas Winkler.

Dr. Severin Schwan and the AVR

The traditional meeting between Roche CEO Dr Severin Schwan and the AVR, together with Ms Cris Wilbur, Head of Group P&C, Mr Jürg Erismann, Basel/Kaiseraugst Site Head, and Mr Bruno Wissen, Head of P&C Basel/Kaiseraugst, normally takes place face-to-face in one of the large conference rooms in Building 71. Given these very different times, however, the meeting took place virtually via Zoom instead. After a brief exchange of greetings, things immediately got underway.

Interview with new site representative – Alain Bindels

The AVR site representative elections were held in November 2020. There were many new faces in both Basel and Kaiseraugst. We wanted to get to know more about one of these faces – Alain Bindels, Kaiseraugst site representative.

Information for German cross-border commuters

All salary statements and the contributions certificate for German cross-border commuters have now been sent to the pension fund. It is therefore time for employees to think about completing their tax return. In the past, the AVR had provided an Excel tool for calculating the pension fund's super-mandatory provision. As of last year, unfortunately we have no longer been able to update that tool.

Urban Gardening - The garden in the industrial area

The vision The idea was conceived during a coffee break at a workshop in June 2018. Roland and Sarah were talking about biodiversity, architecture and food. The vision of making the Basel/Kaiseraugst site more attractive with green spaces while also promoting biodiversity, creating leisure areas for staff and producing food gave rise to the Urban Gardening initiative. From the outset, Urban Gardening at Roche was to be an initiative “by employees for employees” and would be managed as an EcoLogicals project.

Robert Gray recommends Helvetia - Speaking from his own experience

Robert Gray (Associate Member of the AVR Executive Committee) has already benefited from the partnership between the AVR and Helvetia Insurance. He has already sought advice from the local expert, Adriano Signorello. His experience has been thoroughly positive. This simple and uncomplicated service comes highly recommended.

Increasing opportunities on the labour market

Well-educated employees are the backbone of every business. Nowadays, lifelong learning is part of the culture of every business wanting to maintain its market position sustainably and successfully. As a progressive and responsible employee representative body for Roche, the AVR, together with People & Culture (Learning & Development department), is constantly seeking new opportunities and solutions for combining planned transformations and corporate flexibility with further training. CMA Solutions GmbH unites these actively applied values and offers cutting-edge, hybrid digital training models. As AVR President, I spoke with the Managing Director of CMA Solutions, Mr Claude Aschwanden, on the training opportunities offered by his firm to find out how Roche employees can make use of these opportunities.

The Federal government tightens coronavirus measures

The Federal government tightens coronavirus measures

November 2020 salary negotiations

Like so many things, the salary negotiations were different this year. All of the participants logged on from home as the meetings were virtual – though we've become fairly accustomed to that in 2020.

Transformations in 2020

The AVR is proud of its employees. The coronavirus meant that most business had to be conducted from home, in difficult circumstances – and as well as taking part in numerous transformations, we all had our private lives to manage. We called on all our available resources – not only to keep the company operating, but also to help it take a major step forward.

Bike to Work Challenge 2020: a success despite corona times

This year 323 Roche employees in 94 teams took part in the bike to work campaign, pedalling some 86,052 kilometres in total.

2020 site representative elections: the new Committee has been chosen

The results of the AVR site representative elections for Basel, Kaiseraugst, Reinach and Schlieren have been announced. The same goes for the retiree representative. This year, there is also a site representative for Diabetes Care for the very first time.

Summary of the 50+ working group and D&I generations network

Our survey on working and support preferences was conducted at the end of 2019. 620 employees at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site took part, and some of them made detailed comments that gave us important feedback. Many thanks once again!

What changes are in store for on-site amenities?

The Roche Basel and Kaiseraugst sites are being transformed – not only with new buildings, but also with new amenities for employees.


For the election of the AVR site representatives for Basel, Kaiseraugst, Schlieren, Roche Pharma Switzerland, Roche Diabetes Care and the retiree representative

Bike to Work Challenge 2020

The Bike to Work Challenge 2020 is finished. We from the AVR would like to thank the 94 teams that participated.

Anniversary AGM 2020 without attendees

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 70th Annual General Meeting of the AVR took place on a very small scale. The Presidium and Associate Members were re-elected.

Develop skills for the future with the help of Working Out Loud

With Working Out Loud, you learn to work towards a personal goal independently within a team. The method is available to Roche employees free of charge and is also supported by the AVR.

EcoLogicals – making Roche even greener

The EcoLogicals are committed to greater sustainability at Roche and are encouraging employees to take action themselves. The AVR is also on board.

CSS Webinar for AVR-Members

We would like to invite you to a webinar to inform you about your benefits from the cooperation between CSS and AVR

Smarten up your home with Vitra furniture

AVR members can now furnish their home office with Vitra designer furniture at preferential prices.

Election results for the 70th Annual General Meeting of the AVR

Dear Colleagues On 13 October 2020, the 70th Annual General Meeting of the Roche Employees’ Association was held in Building 1 with a small group present (the Executive Committee, the independent auditor and both assistants).

Reminder: you can still switch to CSS Insurance without a health check.

Our collaboration with CSS Insurance got off to a successful start in the last year. Thanks to the framework contract for supplementary health insurance, AVR members enjoy preferential conditions when switching insurance.

The AVR in coronavirus times

Even during the pandemic, the AVR is committed to the wellbeing of Roche employees.

Generation 50plus: first survey results

The AVR and D&I networks asked how the working conditions can be generally improved at Roche and above all how to continue supporting and fostering the development of employees over the age of 50. The first results are now available.

AVR-Events: Save the date

The Annual General Meeting, THE Party, bike to work and various other AVR events could not be held due to the coronavirus situation. Find out here when they have been postponed to.

Solidarity in the times of Corona

The situation we currently find ourselves in owing to coronavirus is new, unfamiliar, and worrying territory for us all. Business the world over is facing immense challenges, and our company Roche must likewise rise to the occasion. Despite all the difficulties, Roche is supporting all its employees in a way that is second to none.

Coronavirus: Adjustments in the Tavero Restaurants

The AVR in dialogue with the Roche CEO

At their traditional annual meeting, Roche CEO Dr Severin Schwan informed the AVR of the business results for 2019. The AVR was also able to ask questions on subjects such as reorganisations, pricing policy and the coronavirus.

Fit for spring with the AVR and Migros fitness facilities

With immediate effect, all AVR and PVR members and their partners will receive attractive discounts on four different annual subscriptions at Migros fitness facilities. One of these even includes entry to the Aquabasilea world of water and wellness.

AVR helps to secure new partnership leave

As of 2020, fathers of new babies are now entitled to ten weeks’ partnership leave at Roche. The AVR played a key role in the development of this solution.

AVR movie night: «Green Book» – inspired by a true friendship - due to the actual situation, this event has been postponed - a new date will be communicated at a later stage

The AVR invites its members to an exclusive movie night free of charge. The three-Oscar-winning cinema hit "Green Book" starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali will be shown.

Our new partner for insurance with exclusive benefits: Helvetia

The Roche Employees’ Association (AVR) is pleased to introduce you to Helvetia, its new insurance partner. Helvetia, which above all stands for Swissness, is one of the leading Swiss insurers with local agents throughout Switzerland. Their product range covers all areas, from household and motor vehicle insurance policies to private pension plans. Moreover, the Helvetia customer advisors specialize in providing tailor-made consultations for newcomers.

Long service dinner 2020: just like the 1001 nights

The AVR invited all members completing 25 and 40 years' service with Roche to an Eastern-inspired dinner in the Panorama restaurant. Between courses there were nostalgic looks back at the years when they joined, 1994 and 1979.

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