Structure and Tasks

The AVR Basel is structured as follows:

CommitteePresidium, associate members, site representatives
President, vice president, treasurer
Executive CommitteePresidium, associate members
Site representatives13 representatives (8 in Basel, 4 in Kaiseraugst & 1 in Schlieren)
Audit2 auditors
Advisory Board3 members
MembersMostly employees with individual contracts of employment


AVR Committee members carry out their duties on a part-time basis and may do so during working hours. Management supports the work of the AVR. Many duties are cross-functional in nature.

Duties of the Committee

Forming working groups to address topics on which the AVR enjoys consultation rights by virtue of the Agreement on Principles, and matters in which the Corpo-rate Executive Committee or Site Management wishes the AVR to become in-volved. Past examples:

  • Reorganisations such as Operational Excellence (OE) / redundancy schemes
  • Reorientation centre (NOZ)
  • Comparative wage analysis
  • Performance management & compensation (bonus system)
  • Opportunity management (personal and professional development)
  • Mobility concept (reorganisation of parking permits)
  • Great Place to Work (GP2W: creating an attractive working environment and atmosphere)

Observing the economic and social environment, first and foremost with regard to securing the site's future, salary policy and employee-friendly working-hours models.

Forming working groups on topics initiated by the AVR:

  • Employee advice
  • Surveys
  • Sport-related campaigns such as Bike to Work
  • Social events

Nominating and electing delegates to the following bodies:

  • Boards of Trustees (supervisory body) of the Pension Funds
  • Investments Committee (decides on the Pension Funds’ investment options)
  • Employee Profit-Sharing Foundation
  • Ida Barell Foundation (financial relief for employees in the event of illness, death and other circumstances likely to cause hardship)
  • Grants Committee (awards grants to employees who wish to improve their qualifications)
  • Committee for Occupational Health and Industrial Environmental Protection (KGU)
  • Idea Management (proposal review committee)

• Discussion with the Roche CEO: The AVR is notified of the company's annual re-sults prior to their publication. We raise general questions and matters of concern to employees.

Executive Committee (EC)

Its day-to-day business consists of matters raised by the Human Resources depart-ment (HR) or brought to it directly by the secretariat or the Presidium.

Duties of the Executive Committee (EC)

Point of contact for AVR sub-committee heads and working groups

• Attending meetings and raising subjects for discussion:

  • weekly EC meetings
  • fortnightly meetings with HR management
  • three-weekly Committee meetings
  • annual off-site meetings of the Committee and expert guests
  • annual General Meeting (AGM) of the AVR

• Acting as the AVR delegation in wage negotiations with management

• Meeting other employee organisations to exchange views, and participation (by the President) in the Roche Europe Forum 1

• Representing the AVR towards third parties and associations

Duties of the secretariat

The secretariat's responsibilities towards the EC include:

  • organising meetings
  • taking minutes
  • helping to organise events and the like
  • receiving and forwarding or processing communications such as:
    • employee enquiries of all kinds
    • new membership applications

Site representatives

Any Roche employee with an individual employment contract (EAV) can become a site representative if elected by active members for a period of two years. Site representa-tives are voting members of the Committee.

Duties of site representatives

Providing confidential advice and support for employees seeking help (employee advice)

Acting as mood monitor: Maintaining a watching brief in their own areas in order to identify problems as early as possible, look into them and bring them to the attention of the EC

Attending the three-weekly Committee meetings

Representing the AVR at the Roche induction day for new employees

Anniversary calls (the AVR congratulates members who complete 25 and 40 years' service)

Participating in or heading sub-committees and working groups such as:

  • discount scheme (running the discount office, maintaining the discount list)
  • public relations (circulating the newsletter, conceiving and conducting promotional campaigns)
  • distributing commissions (allocating reimbursement received in respect of the group health insurance policy to charitable organisations)
  • selecting, negotiating and organising discounts on fitness and spa facilities
  • organising social events (November Party, Come-Together Party)

Working basis of the AVR