The AVR has represented the professional, economic and social interests of all EAV employees (individual contract of employment), including those in Central Switzerland, vis-à-vis Roche management since 1950.

The stated aim of the AVR is to ensure that the social partnership is practised constructively and in a spirit of mutual respect.

The more members we have, the greater our influence. Almost 80% of EAV employees are members of the AVR. The AVR publishes information on current topics of interest and concern in its electronic newsletter and at www.avroche.ch.

If you are not yet a member, may we appeal to your sense of solidarity?
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Note on the Roche Employees' Association Rotkreuz:

While the AVR has fundamentally very similar tasks in Basel and Rotkreuz, it differs in its functional composition. This brochure describes the structures of AVR Basel.

Under this link you will find information on the Roche Employees' Association Rotkreuz.