Great New AVR Discounts Thanks to New Collaboration

Just in time for the pre-Christmas period, there are great new offers from the AVR discount system. There is a new cooperation with the company Swibeco, which brings many advantages for the members of the AVR.

This is a free offer for AVR members. Another great thing is that many of the discounts can be used on top of existing special offers etc.

If you are not yet a member of the AVR, you can register under the following Link. We try to process all new registrations as quickly as possible - please be patient!

The AVR membership is open to all Roche employees and costs only CHF 20 per year, which will be deducted directly from your salary in May.

To ensure access to the new tool, all existing AVR members will receive an invitation email from Swibeco with a personal registration link in the next few days. Registration is quick, easy and, or course, voluntary.

During 2023, the platform will be made available to our retired members, too. We are currently working on a suitable process and on the technical
implementation. Further information will be provided to our retired members in 2023.