Roland Fumagalli, pensioners' representative of the AVR, worked as a nursing specialist HF in the Medical Service Basel/Kaiseraugst until 31.10.2022 (33 years), since 1.11.2022 he is retired and pensioners' representative. Roland can preferably be contacted by e-mail, at email hidden; JavaScript is required, - or on 079 646 0805.

Did you previously work at Roche and were a member of the Roche Employees' Association (AVR)? After you retire, you may continue your AVR membership free of charge. However, this requires your cooperation. Please BE SURE to send an email with your private email address to email hidden; JavaScript is required. Very important: Roche no longer maintains the addresses of retired AVR members. We therefore urgently need this information and ask you to notify us of any future address changes. If you decide to terminate your membership, we ask that you inform us in writing. Please note that a re-entry at a later stage is not possible.

If you stay in the AVR, you may continue to benefit from numerous advantages:

- Retirees can choose from a catalog with over 60 different offers; you can find the relevant discounts here.
- Of course, retirees are also welcome to the annual AVR general meeting.
- The AVR works through its employee foundation boards in the Roche pension fund to maintain and secure pensions from the second pillar.

If you have any suggestions or questions, retirees have their own representative who represents their interests on the AVR board and thus acts as a bridge to business life.

Important: AVR membership is free for retired Roche employees! However, if you are interested in the Swibeco platform, a small fee will be charged.

Fit@Roche fitness center
All retirees can now use the two fitness centers in Basel and Kaiseraugst. The half-year subscription costs CHF 350.--, the annual
subscription costs CHF 500.-- (instead of 600). All information about the fitness center at www.iniciofitness.ch, registration by mail email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Aquafit courses for pensioners
From September 2023, aquafit courses will again be held in the indoor pool for Roche retirees.
Info and registration: here

To complete the registration, a current health form (see download) must be sent. The terms and conditions must be confirmed with the registration form.

Both documents must be present at the time of registration.

Questions to: Sophia Looser, Gsünder Basel
email hidden; JavaScript is required

061 551 01 20; direct 061 551 01 28

Roland Fumagelli

Roland Fumagalli