Dear retired Colleagues

Unfortunately, the reply envelopes were forgotten when the ballot papers were sent out.
The envelopes will be sent out today, 11 March 2021.

Thank you for your understanding

Kind regards

AVR Secretariat

Have you previously worked for Roche and at that time were a member of the Roche Employees’ Association (AVR)? If so, you automatically remain an AVR member after retirement. This means you can still take advantage of many benefits:

  • Retirees can choose from a catalogue with over 80 different offers entitling them to discounts.
  • Every two years, the AVR organises an attractive retirees’ event. And pensioners are of course also welcome to attend the AVR’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Through its employee Pension Fund trustees, the AVR campaigns for the preservation and safeguarding of 2nd-pillar pensions.
  • In case they have suggestions or questions, retired members have their own representative who looks after their interests on the AVR committee and thus provides a link to the current business.

Important: membership of the AVR is free for retired Roche employees!

Kopie von DSC5338 BC

Beat Hess

Retiree representative