71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

Despite early high hopes of staging the 71st Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the usual live event, the Roche Employees Association Basel (AVR) decided as a precautionary measure to again hold this year's meeting with only a very limited group of attendees.

Election results for the 71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

AVR President Mr Adnan Tanglay welcomed those present as well as the site representatives who joined this virtual General Meeting. He very much regretted that the meeting could not be held in the usual format this year again owing to the current situation.

Adrian Schäublin and Beat Handschin - two additional newcomer in the AVR team

Adrian Schäublin and Beat Handschin are two of the new site representatives joining the existing team in Basel. Susanne Löffler and Petra Welter interviewed them:

News from: Safety, Health & Environment (PSU)

PSU is responsible for providing exemplary solutions with regard to safety, health, the environment and compliance at the site in the interests of our customers, stakeholders and patients.

A well-being toolkit – why do we need it?

The new toolkit is designed to help you prioritise and maintain or improve your own well-being.

People & Culture Transformation

These days, constantly scrutinising business processes is a perfectly natural, everyday thing to do in modern companies. Technological progress and digitalisation now provide us with modern and elegant solutions that previously did not exist.


Exercise, team spirit and fun – that's bike to work In many areas of life, getting plenty of exercise is ever more important. Biking to work is a built-in daily fitness programme – it's healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is why F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is taking part in the Bike to Work Challenge 2021 this year, too.

Interview with Jürg Bühler, proprietor of inicio fitness and Andreas Winkler, former patient and AVR Treasurer

Susanne Löffler, site representative in Basel, conducted the two interviews with Jürg Bühler and Andreas Winkler.

Dr. Severin Schwan and the AVR

The traditional meeting between Roche CEO Dr Severin Schwan and the AVR, together with Ms Cris Wilbur, Head of Group P&C, Mr Jürg Erismann, Basel/Kaiseraugst Site Head, and Mr Bruno Wissen, Head of P&C Basel/Kaiseraugst, normally takes place face-to-face in one of the large conference rooms in Building 71. Given these very different times, however, the meeting took place virtually via Zoom instead. After a brief exchange of greetings, things immediately got underway.

Interview with new site representative – Alain Bindels

The AVR site representative elections were held in November 2020. There were many new faces in both Basel and Kaiseraugst. We wanted to get to know more about one of these faces – Alain Bindels, Kaiseraugst site representative.