Dr. Severin Schwan and the AVR

The traditional meeting between Roche CEO Dr Severin Schwan and the AVR, together with Ms Cris Wilbur, Head of Group P&C, Mr Jürg Erismann, Basel/Kaiseraugst Site Head, and Mr Bruno Wissen, Head of P&C Basel/Kaiseraugst, normally takes place face-to-face in one of the large conference rooms in Building 71. Given these very different times, however, the meeting took place virtually via Zoom instead. After a brief exchange of greetings, things immediately got underway.

Interview with new site representative – Alain Bindels

The AVR site representative elections were held in November 2020. There were many new faces in both Basel and Kaiseraugst. We wanted to get to know more about one of these faces – Alain Bindels, Kaiseraugst site representative.

Information for German cross-border commuters

All salary statements and the contributions certificate for German cross-border commuters have now been sent to the pension fund. It is therefore time for employees to think about completing their tax return. In the past, the AVR had provided an Excel tool for calculating the pension fund's super-mandatory provision. As of last year, unfortunately we have no longer been able to update that tool.

Urban Gardening - The garden in the industrial area

The vision The idea was conceived during a coffee break at a workshop in June 2018. Roland and Sarah were talking about biodiversity, architecture and food. The vision of making the Basel/Kaiseraugst site more attractive with green spaces while also promoting biodiversity, creating leisure areas for staff and producing food gave rise to the Urban Gardening initiative. From the outset, Urban Gardening at Roche was to be an initiative “by employees for employees” and would be managed as an EcoLogicals project.

Robert Gray recommends Helvetia - Speaking from his own experience

Robert Gray (Associate Member of the AVR Executive Committee) has already benefited from the partnership between the AVR and Helvetia Insurance. He has already sought advice from the local expert, Adriano Signorello. His experience has been thoroughly positive. This simple and uncomplicated service comes highly recommended.

Increasing opportunities on the labour market

Well-educated employees are the backbone of every business. Nowadays, lifelong learning is part of the culture of every business wanting to maintain its market position sustainably and successfully. As a progressive and responsible employee representative body for Roche, the AVR, together with People & Culture (Learning & Development department), is constantly seeking new opportunities and solutions for combining planned transformations and corporate flexibility with further training. CMA Solutions GmbH unites these actively applied values and offers cutting-edge, hybrid digital training models. As AVR President, I spoke with the Managing Director of CMA Solutions, Mr Claude Aschwanden, on the training opportunities offered by his firm to find out how Roche employees can make use of these opportunities.

The Federal government tightens coronavirus measures

The Federal government tightens coronavirus measures

November 2020 salary negotiations

Like so many things, the salary negotiations were different this year. All of the participants logged on from home as the meetings were virtual – though we've become fairly accustomed to that in 2020.

Transformations in 2020

The AVR is proud of its employees. The coronavirus meant that most business had to be conducted from home, in difficult circumstances – and as well as taking part in numerous transformations, we all had our private lives to manage. We called on all our available resources – not only to keep the company operating, but also to help it take a major step forward.

Bike to Work Challenge 2020: a success despite corona times

This year 323 Roche employees in 94 teams took part in the bike to work campaign, pedalling some 86,052 kilometres in total.