Dear learners - welcome!

On behalf of the AVR, I extend a warm welcome to you in the new academic year. We particularly welcome the new first-year apprentices and hope that you have settled in well.

Roche Employee Association Interview with Loredana Dattilo

I meet Loredana in the cafeteria of Building 2. We want to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and are interested in what our first experiences have been like since we were elected to the AVR Site Representative Board. We start our exchange with a delicious coffee on site.

AVR interview with Isabella Freitag

On a beautiful, sunny Monday morning, I met virtually with Isabella, our new AVR trainee representative. Quite curious, I ask Isabella some questions.

Roche Employee Association Interview with Michael Hofmann

I meet Michael in the cafeteria of Building 2 so we could interview each other. We are both eager to find out how the other spent the weekend and how we have been doing since becoming AVR site representatives. We start our exchange with a very good cup of coffee.

Nico Stohler, a new AVR site representative in Basel interviewed by Stefan Fritschi

Nico grew up in Hölstein in the upper part of Basel-Land and also completed the compulsory schooling there. After finishing the compulsory schooling, he did a Matura with a special focus on mathematics in Liestal (Basel-Land).

Severin Schwan in conversation with the AVR

After 2 years of virtual meetings, the traditional discussion was able to take place on site again this year. Due to the pending change at the head of Roche, Mr. Severin Schwan was accompanied by his successor Mr. Thomas Schinecker.

Stefan Fritschi, new site representavie in Basel, also introduces himself

Stefan is a classic 3B > born in Basel, grew up in Basel and still lives in Basel (erm, Binningen)

Roland Fumagalli, the new pensioners' representative, in interview

Born in Basel in 1957, Roland Fumagalli lives with his wife in Basel. Their two children have moved out and are independent. The couple have two grandchildren in the Bernese Oberland.

Nicole Zimmermann Rihs, a new AVR site representative for Kaiseraugst, introduces herself

I trained as a commercial employee in a hotel in Basel and have worked in various areas of the commercial sector, including in Spain, where I lived for a few years.

Jenny Worgull, another new AVR site representative for Basel

Jenny Worgull, born in 1983, grew up near Freiburg and lives with her husband and two cats in Wehr. Living in a house they renovated themselves, she enjoys having her own garden and the proximity to the Black Forest.