71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

Despite early high hopes of staging the 71st Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the usual live event, the Roche Employees Association Basel (AVR) decided as a precautionary measure to again hold this year's meeting with only a very limited group of attendees.

Election results for the 71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

AVR President Mr Adnan Tanglay welcomed those present as well as the site representatives who joined this virtual General Meeting. He very much regretted that the meeting could not be held in the usual format this year again owing to the current situation.


Exercise, team spirit and fun – that's bike to work In many areas of life, getting plenty of exercise is ever more important. Biking to work is a built-in daily fitness programme – it's healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. This is why F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd is taking part in the Bike to Work Challenge 2021 this year, too.

Bike to Work Challenge 2020: a success despite corona times

This year 323 Roche employees in 94 teams took part in the bike to work campaign, pedalling some 86,052 kilometres in total.


For the election of the AVR site representatives for Basel, Kaiseraugst, Schlieren, Roche Pharma Switzerland, Roche Diabetes Care and the retiree representative

Bike to Work Challenge 2020

The Bike to Work Challenge 2020 is finished. We from the AVR would like to thank the 94 teams that participated.

Anniversary AGM 2020 without attendees

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 70th Annual General Meeting of the AVR took place on a very small scale. The Presidium and Associate Members were re-elected.

CSS Webinar for AVR-Members

We would like to invite you to a webinar to inform you about your benefits from the cooperation between CSS and AVR

Election results for the 70th Annual General Meeting of the AVR

Dear Colleagues On 13 October 2020, the 70th Annual General Meeting of the Roche Employees’ Association was held in Building 1 with a small group present (the Executive Committee, the independent auditor and both assistants).