Did you already know that "Roche Basel / Kaiseraugst Toastmasters Club"...

...offers you a supportive and positive learning environment in which you are encouraged to develop your communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth? You will find a safe environment where you can try your hand at ease!

A patient can be a Roche employee and any Roche employee can be a patient

Did you know that ~18%(1) of the Swiss population are affected by mental health issues? Or that in Switzerland we have 43’500(2) new cancer cases per year? And did you know that through CareRing you can connect with over 1000 Roche colleagues worldwide who are living or caring for someone with mental health issues, cancer or other conditions?

Children's Walk

Children's Walk 2022 - Celebrating Life

Living in times of uncertainties

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or suffering from distress caused by anything like a conflict, anxiety from ongoing transformations, concerns regarding the health of a loved one, the actual pandemic situation?

Urban Gardening - The garden in the industrial area

The vision The idea was conceived during a coffee break at a workshop in June 2018. Roland and Sarah were talking about biodiversity, architecture and food. The vision of making the Basel/Kaiseraugst site more attractive with green spaces while also promoting biodiversity, creating leisure areas for staff and producing food gave rise to the Urban Gardening initiative. From the outset, Urban Gardening at Roche was to be an initiative “by employees for employees” and would be managed as an EcoLogicals project.

Summary of the 50+ working group and D&I generations network

Our survey on working and support preferences was conducted at the end of 2019. 620 employees at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site took part, and some of them made detailed comments that gave us important feedback. Many thanks once again!

Develop skills for the future with the help of Working Out Loud

With Working Out Loud, you learn to work towards a personal goal independently within a team. The method is available to Roche employees free of charge and is also supported by the AVR.

EcoLogicals – making Roche even greener

The EcoLogicals are committed to greater sustainability at Roche and are encouraging employees to take action themselves. The AVR is also on board.

The AVR in coronavirus times

Even during the pandemic, the AVR is committed to the wellbeing of Roche employees.

Generation 50plus: first survey results

The AVR and D&I networks asked how the working conditions can be generally improved at Roche and above all how to continue supporting and fostering the development of employees over the age of 50. The first results are now available.