The foundation for a promising career

After our 2022 graduate apprentices received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony on 1 July and have now started out on their career paths, Roche was able to welcome a fresh crop of 88 young talents on 8 August.

At its Basel/Kaiseraugst site, Roche trains young people from German-speaking Switzerland and parts of countries close to the border. Around 300 apprentices are given the opportunity to receive first-class training. Vocational Training Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst offers 15 future-oriented Federal VET Diploma (EFZ) apprenticeships in the commercial employee, IT, technology, laboratory and production professions. Each year, up to 100 new apprentices start their training. They develop and earn qualifications as sought-after professionals in a dynamic and international work environment or for further studies. The Roche Learning Center in Kaiseraugst and the other workplaces in Basel and Kaiseraugst are tailored to the needs of the apprentices and offer them an ideal learning atmosphere with their state-of-the-art laboratory and workshop infrastructure and many other line workplaces.

Eighty apprentices at the Basel/Kaiseraugst site completed their training this summer and are now starting their careers with excellent prospects for the future.

At the graduation ceremony, site manager Jürg Erismann, representing Roche, gave a festive speech honouring all the apprentices for their outstanding achievements over the past few years. A fabulous party was held afterwards.

NEU Collage 01

"Every ending is a new beginning, and behind every beginning a new adventure awaits."

The training adventure began for 88 new apprentices on 8 August. After getting to know each other in the auditorium, the apprentices were given a tour of the Roche site and were able to gain some first impressions of the Learning Center. The Social Day took place on Wednesday, with the aim of helping the apprentices and training managers to get better acquainted. After a group breakfast and a visit to Augusta Raurica, they moved on to the Gartenbad Gitterli lido in Liestal. The apprentices had the opportunity to build new cross-professional friendships during exciting activities including football darts, climbing and beach volleyball.

NEU Collage 02

Interested in a vocational apprenticeship at Roche? Since August, young people have once again been able to submit their applications electronically via the application portal for apprenticeships starting in 2023. With a view to future career choices, Roche offers job tasters that give young people the ideal opportunity to gain initial insights into a profession.

Applications for apprentices starting in August 2023 are now being accepted. Further information on vocational training in Basel/Kaiseraugst and on the application process can be found here.

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