“Joh Children's World”

20% discount on all childrens furniture and toys from “Joh Children's World” at SEEBURG Webshop

SEEBURG is an organisation for people with disabilities. Our goal is to enable these people to access the job market so that they can lead an independent life. To do this, we maintain our own service sectors and companies such as SEEBURG joinery. We regularly develop our own products in order to generate orders and subsequently meet daily training and support requirements.

Our largest project is “Joh Children's World”. Our products are made of safe materials and are hard-wearing, so that they can withstand active childrens’ daily wear and tear. The easy-care furniture is stable and secure. With respect to development, the SN/EN 71 standard for activity play equipment was complied with. As a natural material, wood is perfect for longevity and lots of fun while playing. Our furniture and toys are free from formaldehyde and wood preservatives. The interior parts of the furniture are painted in colour, the side parts remain natural. Customers can choose from 10 safe water-based colours. Discover our products at www.joh-kinderwelt.ch.

Roche employees and pensionists will receive a 20% discount with the online code on their order.