Suter, Joerin AG

Exclusively for Roche AVR members, Suter, Joerin AG offers eco-heating oil, wood pellets and tank cleaning services at preferential rates.

  • Wood pellets: discount of CHF 10.00 per ton (CH north of the Alps)
  • Tank cleaning: Discount of 6% (whole CH)
  • Eco heating oil: price for 4500L from an order of 1500L (BS, BL, AG, SO, parts of JU)

Order wood pellets and tank cleaning

For the current prices of wood pellets and tank cleaning please contact us directly via: +41 61 705 15 15 / info@suter-joerin.ch

Please quote your Roche AVR member number to benefit from preferential prices.

Ordering eco heating oil

For orders of 1500L or more, we grant you the price per 100 liters that we otherwise charge for 4500L.

And this is how it works:

  • Visit our website and use the price calculator to get the current price
  • in the field "quantity" please enter 4500L, if you want to order between 1500L and 4500L. then select "calculate" and the preferential price will be displayed
  • if you want to order, please select "request" and follow the ordering process at the end of the order in the free text field "further remarks" please enter your Roche AVR member number and the quantity you actually need
  • at the end select "request" and you will receive a confirmation from us by mail

Important: the price shown per 100 liters is decisive, not the total amount. After your inquiry we will send you an order confirmation by mail, which will then also show the delivery quantity you require and the correct total amount.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.