Jenny Worgull, another new AVR site representative for Basel

Jenny Worgull, born in 1983, grew up near Freiburg and lives with her husband and two cats in Wehr. Living in a house they renovated themselves, she enjoys having her own garden and the proximity to the Black Forest.

You have been working at Roche since 08.08.2005. How has your career been so far?

I graduated from high school in 2003, and was already interested in biology during my school years. So going on to study biology was a logical step. The initial focal points in the course didn't chime with my own interests, so I decided to pursue more practice-oriented training as a biology lab technician. My career at Roche began in 2005, and I finished my apprenticeship in 2008. Among other places, that took place at pRED in the area of neuroscience. I was lucky to be the only one in my year to get a permanent job in pharmaceutical formulation development, where I still work to this day. My professional field has changed dynamically all the time, so I never felt the need to change department. I'm an expert in my field and am able to pass on my knowledge, while at the same time I'm constantly increasing my knowledge. I find that very satisfying. In PTDE-P, we place a strong focus on the further development of employees. As a lab technician, that's something I particularly appreciate.

What motivated you to join the AVR as a site representative?

I was a member of the AVR from the beginning of my professional career at Roche. With the call for new candidates, I saw a chance to get involved outside my usual work environment. The results of the Gallup test showed the following strengths for me: drive, equality, and a sense of responsibility. I feel those are strengths that I can and want to make full use of in carrying out my AVR duties. In addition, it's a perfect way to expand my existing network and gain insights into other work areas.

What do you want to achieve on the AVR? What motivates you?

I would like to act as a link between my colleagues and the AVR. I am fundamentally a very positive person and would like to pass that mindset on to others, including in situations that might at times be difficult. I want to inject life into the role and participate actively. I'm not yet familiar with all the AVR's fields of activity so there will be a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to it.

Interview conducted by Susanne Löffler