71st Annual General Meeting of the AVR

On 15 April 2021 the Executive Committee, an independent auditor and the two assistants convened in Building 1 for this event (for further information, please see: “Election results”). Many site representatives watched the AGM online.

Active members were able to vote in advance via Google Forms, and a total of 891 active Roche employees made use of this opportunity. In addition, retired members were able to cast their vote by post, with the result that the AVR received around 447 votes in total. "Given this year's gratifying overall election turnout of 15.5%, AVR president Adnan Tanglay can well imagine adopting this voting procedure again before the next AGM".

All Advisory Board members and auditors were elected – or re-elected for a further term of office – by large majorities. Thus the existing Advisory Board members Ms Alice Unglaub and Mr Felix Gruber were re-elected and Ms Lara Ledermann was elected as a new member of the Board, while Mr Uwe Kieselbach has been joined as auditor by the newly elected Mr Stefan Dauer and Dr Lars Tröndlin for a term of office extending over the next two years.

The membership fee will not change: it will remain at CHF 20 for active Roche employees.

The minutes of the last AGM as well as the Treasurer’s and Auditors’ Report were also accepted by a large majority.

It remains to be seen in what form the next AGM, which is scheduled for 17 March 2022, will be held.

Written by Nicole Drexler, AVR Assistant